National School Sports week.

As part of National School Sports Week which is  a huge celebration of everything that is great about PE and school sports, we invited Mr O’Connor to come and talk to the children about his love of cycling.

He explained to the children how he first became interested in cycling and where he likes to go for rides. He showed the children a slideshow and this included the very first bicycle which was buit in 1817 by Karl von Drais.  He  also talked about the health benefits of cycling both physically and mentally. He talked about having determination, keeping focused and never giving up in order to become good at cycling.  The children asked some interesting questions such as ‘How fast can you go?’ ‘Can you ride your bike at night?’ ‘How much does your bike cost?’ ‘How many miles do you ride?’

Click here to see the slideshow

Cycling presentation


Bradford Music Services came into school this week to perform!

We invited the Bradford Music Services into school this week to perform. They stayed for about 40 and played a number of different pieces, many of them we already knew from musicals and different Movies. They told us all about their instruments and gave us some facts to remember.

We had a really exciting time and really enjoyed the experience.


Year 1 had a fantastic trip to the fire station this week. We met up with Phil who was the officer in charge and he talked us through the equipment that the fire fighters use when they get called out to a fire. They also told us about the other different tasks they do like, rescuing people out of cars, rescuing animals, or dealing with floods. We looked at the fire engine and we had a look inside at the equipment that they use. We also found out there is a lot of water in the engine that can also be used. We had lots of fun, but also learnt about the dangers of matches and fires in our homes, and the importance of smoke alarms.

Year 1 Trip to Blackhills Campsite.


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This week the children in Year 1 went on a trip to Blackhills Campsite. The day in the woods at Blackhills  provided an excellent opportunity for the children to develop practical experiences based on these stories; ‘Hansel and Gretel’ and ‘Goldilocks and the three Bears’.

When the children arrived Phil Lowde was there to greet them.

Links to the story Hansel and Gretel Story.

First they learned how to build a shelter to hide from the wicked witch!

Then the children had to follow a trail of stones to find some treasure hidden in a bird box .

 The children had a little break and were able to have a drink.


The children worked together to build a ‘Candy House’ and they used sticks and marshmallows.

After that Phil talked to the children about how to light a fire safely and they each had an opportunity to use a flint and steel to make a spark to start the fire. Then finally they got to toast marshmallows and make a smoree!

Lunch Time:

They had a lovely picnic and were all extremely hungry after working so hard all morning.

After lunch…

Goldilocks and the Three Bear

    The children made a chair and a bed for Mummy, Daddy & Baby bear.


The children had a fantastic time and they learned lots of new and exciting things. They were all extremely well behaved and they were a credit to our school.


Mother’s Day Surprise.

In year two,  all the children made a bath-bomb for Mother’s Day. First they watched a video demonstrating how to make a bath bomb. Then they followed the instructions and mixed all the ingredients together. They finally made and decorated a box for their bath-bomb.

We hope you enjoyed them and got a lovely surprise.

Earth Day

Today, when the children  arrived at school, they found the playground littered with lots of rubbish!!

It was the children’s mission to come together to sort out the rubbish so it could be recycled and reused.






A special assembly took place where we learnt a lot more about recycling, reusing and climate change.


The children then turned all the power off! Earth hour had started. They made it their job to check lights, computers and anything else that uses electricity.

The children carried out lots of tasks after making a pledge as a class!

To finish it off, here are pictures of our ‘Earth Hour’ lunch. All the food was prepared by hand and there was no cooking involved in an attempt to save energy.


PE – Bounce

Today the children worked with sports coaches using a variety of balls. They were finding out which balls bounced were the bounciest, bounced  the furthest etc.

They all had lots of fun while learning all about balls.