Paul Klee – The castle and the sun.

The children have been learning about the artist Paul Klee. They looked at his famous painting called  ‘The Castle and the Sun.’ He used geometrical shapes and various shades of vivid colour. The children used their imagination in their own work to produce a picture in his style.


Castle Art Work.

The children have been developing their proficiency and skills in their drawing techniques. They looked carefully at a variety of castles and represented them using their imagination and creativity.

Here are the finished pieces of work and I am sure you will agree they are amazing.

Some of the children also added a background to their castles using watercolours to create a different image.

Bridges Investigation!

In science the children were given the challenge of changing a the shape of paper to make it stronger. They initially worked independently and these are some of  the ideas they came up with…..

The children were then set the challenge of working in teams to make a bridge that could hold up to 11 wildlife animals!!!

Finally the children tested their bridges…

Luckily all the bridges managed to hold 11 wildlife animals although some were stronger than others!

Skipton Castle

Year 2 Visit to Skipton Castle

The weather certainly made our visit to Skipton Castle memorable and in a way more realistic, as we could really imagine how cold the castle was and how the servants would feel sleeping on the floor!

We had a wonderful time, and were so proud of all the children. They were well behaved and had learnt so much about castles, it was great to hear them talking to the guides about the different features of a castle that they spotted as we walked around.

The Skipton Castle guides were amazing and told us lots of interesting facts, some a bit gory and others very interesting.

Here are a few photos from our visit.


Maths in Year 2

In our Maths lessons we have been doing lots of activities to help us understand place value.


Year 2 children have been learning about Our Local Area.

In Year 2 we are learning about ‘Our local area’. To begin this topic, we were given some photographs of different views in Silsden, and we had to be street detectives and find each photograph and name it. We even learnt how to identify if the photograph was a human or physical feature.

After we looked at all the buildings in Silsden, we learnt about the different houses, such as detached, terraced etc and we even visited  Knowles estate agents, where Mr Knowles very kindly gave up his time to talk to all 3 classes about the houses in Silsden and what he does. We then came back and made our role play area in our classrooms into an estate agents.


Year 2 have also enjoyed looking at old pictures of Silsden and they have compared them with pictures of Silsden today. It has generated lots of valuable speaking and listening opportunities and the children have identified many similarities and differences.

IMG_0296 IMG_0297 IMG_0299 IMG_0301


Welcome Mrs O’Hara

We are extremely pleased to welcome  Mrs A O’Hara our new Year Two teacher in Kingfisher’s class. She also is our Key Stage Coordinator and a member of the Senior Leadership Team.


Hello my name is Mrs O’Hara. I am very excited to be joining the lovely team at Aire View Infant School as Key Stage 1 Leader working in Year 2. I have come from a large 2 form entry school in Keighley where I have taught and led predominantly in Key Stage 1 for the past 9 years. I came into teaching as a mature student having previously worked for at Leeds Bradford Airport, then as a computer programmer. I have a daughter who is just about to start her third year at university and twin daughters who are starting university in a few weeks, so my house will become a lot quieter but I will miss them lots. In my spare time (which I will now have) I love to go shopping and travelling, seeing as many sights as possible. This year I am determined to get fitter, so I am hoping to join a gym and go walking with my husband.