Swallows Open Morning for Parents

Children and parents had a lovely time today completing a science based activity and then some maths problems relating to sharing.  Once the activities were completed it was time for a drink of juice and a biscuit whist the children showed their parent their workbooks.

In Science this half term we have been learning all about plants and today the children worked with their parent to make a flower and label it with all the parts.

We learnt that,

Roots – take in water and nutrients from the soil

Leaves – catch sunlight to make energy

Stem – holds the plant up

Flower – attracts insects and birds

Seed – grows into a new plant when they fall into the soil

Here are some pictures of the morning and our lovely flowers.


Year 1 Trip to the Blackhills

We had a fantastic time at the Blackhills Scout Camp learning forest skills.  The children were put into groups.  We had Badgers, Foxes and Hedgehogs.  We completed a blindfold rope trail, a bear hunt, woodland art work (using items found in the forest), a scavenger hunt (children were given a list of things to find), Den making and toasting marshmallows to make ‘Smores’.

Here are some pictures

KS1 SATs Information for Parents

Please see below for SATs information for parents regarding the Year 2 SATs tests that will take place throughout the month of May 2018.

KS1 SATs tests taken throughout May 2018

English Reading Test

Paper One: Short Text and questions (approx. 30 minutes)

Paper Two: Longer text with separate questions

(approx. 30 minutes)

English Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling Test

Paper One: Spelling Test (approx. 15 minutes)

Paper Two: Questions (approx. 20 minutes)


Paper One: Arithmetic Test (approx. 30 minutes)

Paper Two: Reasoning Test (approx. 35 minutes)

Please watch the video below, which has been published by the Department for Education, for a full explanation of the tests and what the expectations of the children will be.


Please find below a document, published by the Department for Education, detailing further information for parents.



Year 1 children visit Summerfield Nursing Home.

The children in Year 1 visited Summerfield nursing home to read and share a story with some of the residents. The visits have been a huge success and of tremendous benefit to both the children and the residents.

The children were complimented by the staff of the home and school received an email from Louise the manager…

“It was great to see the children. In fact one resident was amazing– Pat spends most of her days crying and when she talks it doesn’t usually make much sense. How amazing that she was with one of the girls and Pat started reading the book to her and read it with expression and was chatting about what she had just read. It was so beautiful so worthwhile, thank you! “


Pat reads a story. from Theresa on Vimeo.

Year 2 -Great Fire of London- Sir William Petty

At the beginning of our topic we invited a special visitor to talk about the Great Fire of London Sir William Petty (Paul Mackintosh).







The children learned all about Sir William Petty. He was a mathematician and member of the Royal Society who knows a lot of people, from the King to Samuel Pepys. He witnessed, then considered the consequences of, the Great Fire.

The main component of the session was retelling the story and incorporated several breaks along the way to do practical exercises.

 Sir William Petty (Paul Mackintosh) told the children all sorts of interesting facts and events including how the fire started and its progress, to how people tried to fight it or flee, and what troubles occurred during the fire. He describe what the King and other important people did, as well as what his friend Pepys did (Pepys and Petty knew each other fairly well). Finally he told of the damage that was caused.

The children were involved in some exciting practical exercises to help them gain a better understanding of what it was like during the Great Fire Of London.

Practical exercises:

Sir William calls these his ‘experiments’. There were two main exercises which involved the whole class, getting them out of their seats to learn about aspects of the Great Fire. The first shows the children how the fire spread – the children became houses, arrayed in streets and lanes. The second allowed the children to work out how to make a workable “bucket chain”. Both were great fun and drew the children deeper into the story!

The children were asked to  make a  Tudor house  as part of their Creative Home learning to replicate the  Great Fire of London in school.   Our Local Fire Brigade were invited to supervise the lighting and extinguishing of the houses.  

One of the children in Kingfishers class was so inspired about this topic that she decided to make some  famous  London landmarks, such as Big Ben and The Gherkin, using Lego.

It took her five hours to complete and I am sure you will agree that she has done an amazing job! Well done.

World Book Day.

World Book Day  

This year for World Book Day we decided to have a whole school focus on Drew Daywalt’s excellent book called ‘The Day the Crayons Quit’ which is also one of the KS1 Reading Challenge books, so some children may already know it.

In the story ‘poor Duncan just wants to colour in. But when he opens his box of crayons, he only finds letters, all saying the same thing: We quit! Beige is tired of playing second fiddle to Brown, Blue needs a break from colouring in all that water, while Pink just wants to be used. Green has no complaints, but Orange and Yellow are no longer speaking to each other. The battle lines have been drawn. What is Duncan to do?…’

Instead of dressing up as a book character this year, we  asked the children to partly dress in one of the colours of the crayons which has been assigned to their class.

The children were involved in a variety of fun activities throughout the day. At the end of the day we had a whole school assembly to celebrate and showcase what they had been doing in their classes.


Mr Stewart Clarkson’s son in Swallows class has also done something very exciting for World Book Day. He read a passage from The Gruffalo and his Dad sent to the BBC.  It was on BBC Radio 5 live at 6.30pm on Weds 28th February at the start of a discussion about reading with children. He was very excited to hear himself on the radio!

Year 1 child reading The Gruffalo from Theresa on Vimeo.

Year 1 child reading The Gruffalo on the radio 28th Feb 2018 from Theresa on Vimeo.

Mr Stewart Clarkson also mentioned that there are some free workshops in the Easter holidays at Pets at Home in Keighley. The information and online booking for them is on the following link. They’re running from 31st March to 14th April and still have lots of places available.
Click here for the link.

Owl Adventures


On Monday 26th February, Year One had a visit from ‘Owl Adventures’!

This half term we are learning all about animals and especially those with ‘Paws, Claws and Whiskers’.  We thought it would be great to meet an animal with amazing claws and what better than a raptor?

We learnt lots of interesting facts about all the birds and even got to hold some and watch them fly around our Hall.  We met three different types of Owl – a Burrowing Owl, an Eagle Owl and a Barn Owl.  We also met a very splendid Harris Hawk who impressed us with its speed as it caught food that was thrown in the air above our heads.  The children were all very sensible and were able to answer and ask lots of questions about the birds.

A Burrowing Owl is not like most owls as it hunts during the day and as its name suggests will burrow underground to nest. It will eat small rodents, insects and worms.  Here are some pictures of some of the children holding the Burrowing Owl.  We needed to wear a glove because the claws/talons were so sharp.


































The adults got to hold the Eagle Owl that was too heavy for the children.  This is a male, a female is twice as big.  The tufts on its head look like ears but they have nothing to do with hearing.  It will eat much larger prey such as rodents, rabbits and even deer.









Next we met the Barn Owl.  We could easily guess where they like to live.  We also noticed that it had a very distinctive heart shaped face.  A barn owl makes no sound when swooping down for its prey.  We listened very carefully as it flew from arm to arm collecting food from a group of selected children.  We couldn’t hear a thing!












Finally we met the Harris Hawk.  Harris Hawks are native to America and are a medium sized bird of prey.  They eat a range of prey including rats, birds, snakes and lizards. This was the most active of all the birds we saw.   It flew around the Hall, landing on any ledge or surface it could find, even the cuddly giraffe!  It was great fun to watch.












A big thank you to Ryan from Owl Adventures for a wonderful time.

Swallows Science Lesson – What Keeps Us Dry?

The children were introduced to some Aliens (puppets).  They explained that they have never been wet before because there is no water on their planet.  They would like to experience rain without getting wet and would like our help to stay dry. They are not sure if their skin would be safe to get wet.  Can we make them a waterproof layer so they can safely go out in the rain?

The children worked in groups.  They had a selection of materials to test to determine if they were waterproof or not.  They tested hessian, toweling, newspaper, foil, cardboard, netting, cloth material and clingfilm.  They placed the material over their own bare arms and poured water over it.  They then sorted the waterproof materials from the not waterproof.  Next they had a vote and chose which material they would cover the alien with.  They worked together to wrap the alien and once they were all satisfied it was sufficiently covered they poured water over it with a watering can to give a rain shower effect.






































The children worked together very well and all chose a waterproof covering.  The results however were that one of the aliens did get wet.  The children quickly worked out it was because they had left a hole for the water to get in.  Everyone was very worried about what would happen to the wet alien!  We were all very pleased to see that it didn’t have a bad effect and the alien was very pleased because it is now planning to go swimming!

Swallows NSPCC Sponsored Run



We had a visit from Buddy the NSPCC mascot and some representatives from the NSPCC.  They came to tell us about the ‘Speak out Stay safe’ programme.  We learnt about what was ‘Okay’ and what was ‘Not Okay’ and who we could talk to if things are troubling us.  We learnt the ‘Childline’ phone number 0800 1111.

As a school we decided to ‘join in the fight for every childhood, helping to protect children from abuse’ by taking part in a sponsored fundraising event.  Key Stage One children did a 1 mile run.  Here are some pictures of Swallows class completing their run in the school playground.  They had to run around the course 17 times to equal a mile.












Well done Swallows! Everyone completed the mile!