Swallows Science Lesson – What Keeps Us Dry?

The children were introduced to some Aliens (puppets).  They explained that they have never been wet before because there is no water on their planet.  They would like to experience rain without getting wet and would like our help to stay dry. They are not sure if their skin would be safe to get wet.  Can we make them a waterproof layer so they can safely go out in the rain?

The children worked in groups.  They had a selection of materials to test to determine if they were waterproof or not.  They tested hessian, toweling, newspaper, foil, cardboard, netting, cloth material and clingfilm.  They placed the material over their own bare arms and poured water over it.  They then sorted the waterproof materials from the not waterproof.  Next they had a vote and chose which material they would cover the alien with.  They worked together to wrap the alien and once they were all satisfied it was sufficiently covered they poured water over it with a watering can to give a rain shower effect.






































The children worked together very well and all chose a waterproof covering.  The results however were that one of the aliens did get wet.  The children quickly worked out it was because they had left a hole for the water to get in.  Everyone was very worried about what would happen to the wet alien!  We were all very pleased to see that it didn’t have a bad effect and the alien was very pleased because it is now planning to go swimming!

Swallows NSPCC Sponsored Run



We had a visit from Buddy the NSPCC mascot and some representatives from the NSPCC.  They came to tell us about the ‘Speak out Stay safe’ programme.  We learnt about what was ‘Okay’ and what was ‘Not Okay’ and who we could talk to if things are troubling us.  We learnt the ‘Childline’ phone number 0800 1111.

As a school we decided to ‘join in the fight for every childhood, helping to protect children from abuse’ by taking part in a sponsored fundraising event.  Key Stage One children did a 1 mile run.  Here are some pictures of Swallows class completing their run in the school playground.  They had to run around the course 17 times to equal a mile.












Well done Swallows! Everyone completed the mile!

Swallows Science Investigation

How Does It Feel?  

The Learning Objective was to describe the simple physical properties of a variety of everyday materials and compare them.

We have been learning all about space and had a visit from an alien who had found a   variety of different materials and wanted the children to help it learn all about them.

Their task was to name the items and describe their properties.  They had the following materials to feel and investigate.


The children held each item and described what it felt like. They thought about whether it was hot, warm, cold or freezing.  Whether it was soft, hard, dry, wet, smooth, lumpy, soft, gooey, slimy, slippery, etc.

They then used a timer and held the object in their hand for 30 seconds and watched and felt if any of the properties changed.  As you can imagine it got very messy!  The children learnt lots about each item and had fun too.

Here are some pictures of them taking part in the investigation.


Kingfishers Art work.

This week the children have continued to use a variety of natural materials but were asked to create a face. They had to include details such as eyelashes, eyebrows and eyeballs using the resources available!

They looked at other pieces of work to inspire their own choices and designs.

They worked really well, concentrating on the finer details and have produced some lovely work.

Here are the children’s individual pieces of work. They are all fantastic I am sure you will agree.



Class Kingfishers Art Work using Natural Materials.

The Children in Kingfishers have been using a variety of natural materials such as pebbles, shells, twigs, cones and leaves to create some wonderful pictures. This week they were asked to create a picture using their imaginations and the resources available. They looked at a variety of pieces of work from other artists to help inspire them.

I am sure you will agree that they have worked well and produced some interesting pieces of Art work.

Swallows’ Christmas Celebrations

We had two lovely days of Christmas celebrations.  Here are a few pictures of the things we got up to.
On our party day we played lots of games starting with pass the parcel.  Under each layer was a forfeit.  The children had to do things such as sing a Christmas song, dance like a fairy, do an impression of Santa and make a silly face.












Our next game was the cereal box game.  The rules are that  you take it in turns to pick up a cereal box from the floor but the hard part is you’re only allowed to use your mouth, you can’t put your hands on the floor and you must stay on both feet at all times. The children were fantastic at this game.























Our next game was to move the ‘reindeer droppings’  (chocolate raisins) from one bowl to another using the chop sticks.  The prize was you get to eat the amount you move.
















Then it was time for some lovely party food.































Finally we had a very special visitor who brought us an early Christmas present.









Our last day was Christmas Jumper Day.  The children all looked very festive to get in the mood for the holidays.





We had another fun filled day.  We began by opening our present from Santa.  It was a fantastic fairy castle.  The children were all excited to play with it and made up some wonderful stories.  Some of the children thought it would be a good idea to make some dragons that could be part of the story too.









Everyone found a fun activity to take part in.

Year 1 Christmas Performance Whoops-a-Daisy Angel!

The Year 1 children performed a Christmas Assembly called Whoops-a-Daisy- Angel . They all did an amazing job!  We hope you enjoyed it too.

Year 1 Whoops-a-Daisy Angel Part 1 from Theresa on Vimeo.


Year 1 Whoops-a-Daisy Angel from Theresa on Vimeo.

Whoops-a-Daisy Angel Part 3 from Theresa on Vimeo.

Whoops-a-Daisy Angel Part 4 from Theresa on Vimeo.

Whoops-a-Daisy Angel Part 5 from Theresa on Vimeo.


Year 1 Whoops-a-Daisy Angel Part 6 from Theresa on Vimeo.

Year 1 Whoops-a-Daisy Angel Part 7 from Theresa on Vimeo.

Year 2 Children Of The World Chritmas Performance 2017

Year 2 Christmas Assembly 2017 part 1 from Theresa on Vimeo.

Children Of The World Part 2 from Theresa on Vimeo.

Children of the world part 3 from Theresa on Vimeo.

Children Of The World Part 4 from Theresa on Vimeo.

Children Of The World Part 5 from Theresa on Vimeo.

Today Year 2 children performed their Christmas  performance called Children of the World and they did extremely well. The singing was beautiful and the their acting skills were amazing. We were very proud of them all and we know that you were too. Well done to them all.



Year 2 Visit to Skipton Castle

Year 2 children didn’t let the weather dampen their high spirits, when they visited Skipton Castle to learn more about castle life and the history of castles. We were very proud of the children, they asked sensible questions and were eager to learn more. It was a wonderful start to the week.