Year 1 Trip to Blackhills Campsite.


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This week the children in Year 1 went on a trip to Blackhills Campsite. The day in the woods at Blackhills  provided an excellent opportunity for the children to develop practical experiences based on these stories; ‘Hansel and Gretel’ and ‘Goldilocks and the three Bears’.

When the children arrived Phil Lowde was there to greet them.

Links to the story Hansel and Gretel Story.

First they learned how to build a shelter to hide from the wicked witch!

Then the children had to follow a trail of stones to find some treasure hidden in a bird box .

 The children had a little break and were able to have a drink.


The children worked together to build a ‘Candy House’ and they used sticks and marshmallows.

After that Phil talked to the children about how to light a fire safely and they each had an opportunity to use a flint and steel to make a spark to start the fire. Then finally they got to toast marshmallows and make a smoree!

Lunch Time:

They had a lovely picnic and were all extremely hungry after working so hard all morning.

After lunch…

Goldilocks and the Three Bear

    The children made a chair and a bed for Mummy, Daddy & Baby bear.


The children had a fantastic time and they learned lots of new and exciting things. They were all extremely well behaved and they were a credit to our school.


Mother’s Day Surprise.

In year two,  all the children made a bath-bomb for Mother’s Day. First they watched a video demonstrating how to make a bath bomb. Then they followed the instructions and mixed all the ingredients together. They finally made and decorated a box for their bath-bomb.

We hope you enjoyed them and got a lovely surprise.

Earth Day

Today, when the children  arrived at school, they found the playground littered with lots of rubbish!!

It was the children’s mission to come together to sort out the rubbish so it could be recycled and reused.






A special assembly took place where we learnt a lot more about recycling, reusing and climate change.


The children then turned all the power off! Earth hour had started. They made it their job to check lights, computers and anything else that uses electricity.

The children carried out lots of tasks after making a pledge as a class!

To finish it off, here are pictures of our ‘Earth Hour’ lunch. All the food was prepared by hand and there was no cooking involved in an attempt to save energy.


PE – Bounce

Today the children worked with sports coaches using a variety of balls. They were finding out which balls bounced were the bounciest, bounced  the furthest etc.

They all had lots of fun while learning all about balls.

Swallows class assembly.

Today the children did their class assembly for their parents.

They have been learning lots of exciting things throughout the term.


The children have been learning their doubles …

Doubles Song from Theresa on Vimeo.

The children demonstrated their superb football skills.

Football skills from Theresa on Vimeo.

They showcased their amazing gymnastic skills.

The children had also been learning about the different planets and they learnt a song to help them.

All the adults were invited to stay after the assembly to have a cup of tea, a biscuit and a chat.

The children did extremely well and we are very proud of them.


Welcome back. We hope you all had a lovely break – a week really does fly by!

We are looking forward to working with the Year 2 children and teaching them even more new skills during our new topic called ‘Bounce’.  This topic includes lots of fun activities with different sized balls. Children will be throwing, catching, measuring, learning about 3D shapes, sorting animals depending on how they move, planning Science investigations, researching sporting heroes and lots more.

Click here to view the Curriculum Newsletter    YEAR 2 BOUNCE


Pancake Day

We enjoyed pancakes in class today. We discussed our favourites and why we have Shrove Tuesday. The children were real risk takers and some tried pancakes for the very first time! Some had lemon and syrup! YUM YUM.

Hoola Hoop Extravaganza!

Before the holidays we all had a go at Hoola Hooping. A visitor came into the hall to share some of her skills.  Before long we were flipping the hoop up and spinning it on our arms! We did some team work with a partner and sun the hoop between us both. It was lots of fun!


World Book Day


We have had such an exciting ‘World Book Day’.  All the children came dressed as a character from their favourite book. They had such a fabulous day and Princess Poppy came to visit us too!

National Book Tokens

World Book Day, in partnership with schools all over the country, distributes more than 15 million £1 World Book Day book tokens to children.

All you need to do is to take it to your local bookshop and swap it for one of ten (exclusive, new and completely free) £1 World Book Day books!

Or, if you’d prefer, you can use your book token to get £1 off any full price book instead! And if you’d rather get an audio book, that’s fine too!

So that’s £1 off any book or audio book, it’s your choice, just as long as it would normally cost at least £2.99.

The World Book Day Book Tokens are valid from Monday 27 February–Sunday 26 March 2017


Can you recognise some of the characters …

Princess Poppy arrives to find her golden ball.

Yesterday to our amazement a golden ball appeared in the reading area. We wrote a list of questions such as…  How has the ball got into the classroom? Who does the ball belong to? Has the ball got a secret message inside? Is the ball a magic ball? Is the golden ball an expensive ball? Does Mrs Bottomley know about the ball?

Then today, during World Book Day Princess Poppy came into our classroom to find her golden ball and she was so happy it was safe. Princess Poppy had an argument with her dad the King because he had told her she had to marry Prince Humperdink.   She didn’t want to marry him so she stormed off with her treasured golden ball, tripped and the ball fell in the dirty pond!!   A frog  said he would get it for her if she promised he could live at her palace, sleep in her bed and eat from her plate. Princess Poppy agreed but when he retrieved her golden ball she ran away from him too.  However she dropped the ball again and the frog got it back ….  he must have brought it to our classroom!!!

You will need to keep watching to find out what happens next.

Food Landscapes Inspired by the Artist Carl Warner

Today the children in Kingfishers’ class made some amazing landscapes using a variety of fruits and vegetables and other healthy foods.

They looked carefully at the work by the amazing artist Carl Warner and used his ideas to create their own food landscapes. Here are some of Carl Warner’s fabulous landscapes.

Photograph by Carl Warner- Food landscape…

Photograph by Carl Warner – Still life…

Here are some of the children’s finished food landscape.

Here you can see the children’s work in progress….